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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion at TurksLegal

At TurksLegal we value diversity of thought and experience and believe that our inclusive and collaborative culture contributes to our success. An inclusive culture enables us to attract and retain the best talent, reduces absenteeism and promotes engagement and advocacy.

TurksLegal is a signatory to the Diversity and Equality Charter, A Law Council of Australia initiative. We recognise that diversity benefits the legal profession and the community as a whole.

The firm have established a Diversity and Inclusion Committee that will progress and drive support initiatives and provide a platform for idea generation.
Our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy focuses on the following key areas;

Building an Inclusive Culture and Environment

We believe that leadership development is an integral aspect of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. Collaborative leaders create inclusive teams and work environments and ultimately an inclusive culture.

In addition to Leadership Development key initiatives being delivered across the Firm include:

  • mainstreaming flexibility;
  • challenging and mitigating bias; and
  • conducting pay and promotion equity reviews.

Gender Inclusion

TurksLegal is committed to ensuring the participation of women both across the organisation and in leadership roles. Our recruitment and selection process is designed to remove bias from hiring and promotion decisions.

TurksLegal is a signatory to the Advancement of Women Charter, a Law Society of New South Wales initiative. Together, we are committed to promoting diversity, equality, respect and inclusion consistent with the principles of justice, integrity, equity and the pursuit of excellence in the legal profession.

TurksLegal has also been recognised by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as being compliant with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Act)

A Flexible Work Culture

We’ve adopted a very broad definition of “flexibility”, recognising it will mean different things for different people and different work types. Flexible working at TurksLegal always depends on the needs of employees, clients and the business. We encourage our leaders to proactively and regularly talk to their teams, to understand their flexibility needs and help make them happen.