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ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship

Cy Lindeberg, Health Support Consultant, BT Financial Group, has been awarded the 2019 ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship for her paper on ‘The Role of Rehab Advisors in Improving Customer Outcomes’. In her well researched and compelling paper, Cy enlightened us to the many ways Rehab advisors operating in the life claims space can make a difference for the better in terms of the customer experience.

Cy wins an overseas conference package valued up to $8,000 including return travel, accommodation, $1,000 cash and registration to one of the following conferences of Cy’s choice:
• Eastern Claims Conference: 29-31 March 2020, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
• Life Insurance Conference: 20-22 April 2020, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
• Supplemental Health, DI & LTC Conference: 5-7 August 2020, Washington, DC, USA

In addition to the major prize, Cy will:
• Be invited to sit on the judging panel for next year’s Scholarship, and
• Receive automatic membership to ALUCA and TurksLegal’s scholarship alumni program, Life Insurance Future Thinking (LIFT).

“All the papers this year were of an extremely high standard (it was a vintage year) so the competition was tight but Cy’s paper ultimately stood out in the judges’ eyes for its balance of empowering optimism and  innovative thinking but with a solid and empathetic understanding of the great challenges facing injured and ill customers” said Alph Edwards, Partner of TurksLegal’s Life Insurance, Superannuation & Advice practice and member of the scholarship’s judging panel for the last thirteen years.   

The 1st runner-up is, Celeste McFadyen, Case Manager, CommInsure for her paper on ‘Developing Empathy Skills’. Celeste wins a $1,000 Visa pre-paid gift card. There are two 2nd runners-up this year; Honor Grant-Hennessy, Senior Underwriter, OnePath for her paper on ‘Will we really miss the duty of disclosure when it is gone?’ and Torrent Woodard, Senior Research and Development Underwriter, BT Financial Group for his paper on ‘The origins of Protecting Your Superannuation’. Honor and Torrent will each receive a $250 restaurant voucher.

“This year had a high standard of submissions, which made the judging challenging. It is pleasing to see the ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship highlighting the talent that is in the Life Insurance industry”, said Devi Uka, Deputy Chairperson of ALUCA and member of the scholarship’s judging panel.

The Scholarship winners were announced at the NSW Mini-ALUCA Professional Development Day held in Sydney on Wednesday, 16 October 2019.

The 2020 ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship will open in July 2020.

About The Scholarship

The ALUCA TurksLegal Scholarship, now in its 13th year, offers life insurance professionals a unique educational opportunity to attend one of three major international life insurance conferences of their choice, while contributing to the ongoing debate on cutting-edge issues affecting the future of risk insurance in Australia.

The scholarship is open to financial members of the Australasian Life Underwriting and Claims Association Inc. (ALUCA) working in the life insurance industry including superannuation trustees and administrators. It was developed through a partnership between ALUCA and specialist insurance law firm TurksLegal.

This year’s cutting edge questions were derived by the judges from a list of suggestions made by lawyers in the Life Insurance, Superannuation & Advice team at TurksLegal who threw their ideas in the pot to get everyone thinking.

The successful applicant is selected on a range of criteria including understanding and insight of the topic, sound evidence, research, and presentation skills.

The judging panel is drawn from the ranks of the industry’s senior leadership and includes:
• Brett Clark, Chief Executive Officer, TAL
• Gavin Pearce, Chief Operating Officer, Life & Investments, Zurich
• David Campbell, Chief Operating Officer, MetLife
• Malcolm Weir, General Manager, Life Customer Services, CommInsure
• Jeremy Houghton, Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, AIA
• Linda Winterbottom, Claims Rehabilitation Consultant, RGA Reinsurance
• Evgeney Schkola, Case Manager Income Protection Claims, CommInsure (2018 Scholarship winner)
• John Myatt, Partner and Practice Head of Life Insurance, Superannuation & Advice, TurksLegal
• Alph Edwards, Partner, TurksLegal
• Darryl Pereira, Partner, TurksLegal